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Homam or homa is one of the very High level of Spiritual Activities which is done by invoking divine powers mainly through Fire, for well-being of the people for their individual requirements. Homas or online pujas are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for over 5000 years. People go for Homa Puja and Aradhana with belief in mind of getting a faster spiritual effects Homam or Havan is basically the offering of intensive pujas to different GODS and GODDESS performed for a particular divinity by invoking Agni, the God of fire.Homam (vedic pujas)will be performed in one's home or office in order to bring Success, Abundance, Peace, Prosperity in Life, remove blockage in the path of your success, stop getting loss in Business & Profession, bring Financial stability, protection from evil forces, speedy recovery from Illness and better education.

There are different types of Homams & online intense vedic puja that are performed depending upon the circumstances:

  • To bring Success, Abundance, peace, prosperity in life
  • To stop getting loss in Business & Profession
  • To bring peace at home (griha shanti) and Workplace
  • For protection from evil forces, Black Magic and Miseries
  • To bring peace at home (griha shanti) and Workplace
  • For getting progeny (own child)
  • For better education and Result.
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