Good & Bad Planets Report

Planetary Analysis & Prediction :

  • Are you among those who want to make conscious and successful decisions? Decisions which bring you, closer to your desired goals? If you are, then identifying your good and bad planets can be a wise decision to take, which can give you some crucial information about the planets positions.

  • It’s vital to know the manner by which the planets affect your life. If a planet’s position is placed well in your birth chart & is a good planet, it will help you to taste success in all your endeavors.Similarly if a planet’s position is not well placed, it will bring unfavorable results in life during its periods. It may affect you in a stressful, uncomfortable, even painful manner until you move as per twist & turns of time.

  • Bad effects of bad planets will come like radiations which make us unhealthy & unfortunate,our decision goes wrong . A lower dose of radiation from these bad planets or even too much radiation from them causes disbalances in our mind .Hence our mind itself start cause of our bad fortunes. Bad planets start effecting our mind and its influences makes us to take bad or wrong decisions and do bad things on purpose for which we get punished through bad fortune. Bad Planets effect our inner thought process and by influencing energies around us which results in good/bad effects us.

  • A look into the future can provide some useful information. It also shows you the unconscious patterns that hold you back.Thus you get a complete overview of your Horoscope and the trends that you can expect in your life.

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What you can expect from your Planets Report?

  • Road Map & Ups Down in Life
  • Period of High rise,Promotion,Swing
  • Periods to avoid controversy in job
  • Shall I change Job to Business
  • Time of high rise,progress,prosperity in Job/Business
  • Period when there would be maximum growth potential
  • Good time when you should make career move.
  • Timings of finding new job oppurtunity.
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