Homam for Marital Bliss & Eradicating Marriage Problems by Root

Holy Homam and combination of astrological guidance helps create the ultimate relationship .Holy homam to Improve your Married life and its relationship.Avoid and sidetrack the emotional turmoil of your life in all of your key relationships.It will Create better atmosphere in life as regard marriage aspect around you.Helps achieve true passion in your relationship.Break the barriers which create hurdle in life.Strengthen your relationship with your partner, even in times of stress and transition Email Us vedicbirth@gmail.com


Get Holy Homam for Marriage Issues : For fulfilling all your marital longings and ensuring post-marital harmony,Unmarried/ delayed marriage will get positive support .Already Married couples will enjoy happy married life.Get Remedy for Any marriage life issues

Swayamvara Parvathi homam

(removes obstacles for bride or groom seeking)

It is a perfect homam one for couples to live a happy life. Another advantage of this homam is that it shows ways for minimizing disputes in an effective manner.This homam assists person to enjoy a happy married life free of discord and misunderstandings. The spiritual energy and vibrations emitted by this unique yagya ritual removes all obstacles in your quest for a suitable partner and smoothes the path to a blissful conjugal existence. This ritual is highly recommended for eligible girls seeking a partner of choice and desiring to enter into wedlock.By performing the Swayamvara Parvati Homam for marriage , various obstacles that delay marriage are removed. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with a suitable spouse.Removes obstacles for people seeking for the suitable bride or groom,Bestows with a happy married life,Gifts married women with a bountiful and meaningful lifeAsk your Queries: vedicbirth@gmail.com.

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Uma Maheshwara Homam

(to strengthen bond between couples)

This homam is for fulfilling spousal desires, strengthening nuptial bond and endowing marital bliss.Uma Maheshwara Homam strengthens the bond between husband and wife as it enhances all the aspects of a marriage life. Whether you seek more physical intimacy or emotional closeness or spiritual elation, Uma Maheshwara Homam grants them all and ensures your married life is content, joyful and prosperous.If you feel you can't get along with your beloved like you once did or having constant troubles and problems in your married life, performing Uma Maheshwara Homam will heal the misunderstandings and rekindle your lost love for one another to assure a happy relationship.Those who had problems in their marital life get this puja performed to get the happiness and peace in their relations.Performing this brings about marital accord and resolves problems between married couplesAsk your Queries: vedicbirth@gmail.com.

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Sammanyasa Pashupatam homam

(removing problems within family & with others)

Relationship problems within a family may lead to several complications which cause mental disturbances.There are certain types of homams which fulfill the needs of people who want to improve relationships with others. Sammanyasa Pashupatam homam is a suitable one for resolving relationship issues in life by addressing exact needs. It also helps for overcoming disputes and avoiding misunderstanding problems to live a happy life.People who want to fix complex relationship problems can choose this homam for getting optimum results.In addition, Sammanyasa Pashupatam homam is a suitable one for witnessing peace of mind from confrontations by reducing them in an effective manner. Another avantage is that it helps for a better understanding to lead a successful lifeAsk your Queries: vedicbirth@gmail.com.

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Mangala Gauri Homam

(to bless couple of harmonious marital life)

Goddess Mangala Gauri, an incarnation of Shakthi imbibed her presence in human beings life to bless the race with the following:Blessing the woman gender for a prosperous married life.Favoring the woman folk for a happy, peaceful and contended life.Negating Doshas or defects in one's horoscope.Negating problems in the married life of the women folk.Erasing negativity in one's life.The puja also bestows its devotee with the worldly enjoyment, success in endeavours and awakens wisdom. Any discord in the relationship resolved and unites the husband and wifeAsk your Queries: vedicbirth@gmail.com.

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Durga Fire homam

(removes blockages in husband & wife pathways)

When your relationship is at crossroads, you will have to give a thought about the negativity surrounding it. When you often have allegations with your partner and come to the verge of realizing that you need some daring solution to plug the gap in your relationship, consider going the vasthu way.When certain things are arrayed at your living space with the technology of Vasthu embedded in it, your love will gain positive energy and will attract good rapport between you and your loved ones. This thereby deletes all the unwanted blocks of energy between you and your partner, thus ensuring you both sail in the waves of love, life and affection.Ask your Queries: vedicbirth@gmail.com.

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