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OUR MONOPOLY : We provide precise timing of important life events & fluctuations arrival / departure ,while offering time-tested solutions and practical remedies to remove any blocks that might arise.

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Advanced astrology chart analysis is a package that includes following : Your detailed life Prediction + Road map Consultancy + Clarity Suggestion. Having your full birth chart report & horoscope chart interpreted is part of your life journey of recognising your full potential.

Advanced Astrology Chart Interpretation reveals the major trends of your life . Get A Road Map for your life journey.Is the road coming up going to be bumpy or smooth? Or, when will the present bad conditions end?How can I do better in Relationships? Emotional Life Turns? When will my Finances improve?Will Business Partnership succeed?Thus you get complete overview of Horoscope & trend that you can expect in detailed birth chart report

Contents of Advanced Astrology Chart Interpretation :

  • Indepth analysis of your advanced astrology chart (horoscope birth chart).
  • Negative and positive impact of every planet
  • Timing of Problems in Love,Relationship,Martial , Money, Career,Health
  • Emotional Weaknesses & strengths
  • Business Rise & Fall Advice & Complete Map
  • Guidance for peace of mind, success and happiness
  • Identify the favorable as well as unfavorable phases of your life.
  • Periods associated growth,progress,stagnancy in Job
  • Exposing areas of fluctuations,disturbances,turmoil in Relationship
  • Unique steps & beneficial solutions to fix current marriage related issues.
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advanced astrology chart
birth chart report,horoscope birth chart complete full horocope chart


  • ... Relationship advanced interpretation
  • ... Business rise & fall chart reading
  • ... Job progress chart & report
  • ... Full family compatibility chart
  • ... Shani Sade Sati chart & report
  • ... Health & Vitality Chart
business detailed prediction
Complete Business Chart
  • Timing for Launching,Scheduling Business
  • Favourable periods Expansion-Consolidation
  • Business Growth & Downfall Period
  • Cycle of Negativity & Its Remedies
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career predictions
Job Forecast & Prospects

Suffering job problems,
Impending Layoffs,
Fears that you are going to lose your job,
Want job change but not sure?

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relationship future chart
Relationship Future chart

Relationship in crisis?
Complications & suppression in relationship?
Delayed marriages or frequent quarrels in couples?
Know how to deal issues & its solution

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  • Cycles of a person’s entire life
  • Relationship Ups & Down Phases
  • Understand the critical factors impacting your business right now
  • How to grow your business,your profits to new levels by appropriate remedy support
  • High or Low phase in Job
  • Divine remedies which treat root problems of all your relationship,marital woes
  • Time-tested & result-oriented Vedic Sugestions, Remedial Support
  • Know opportunity for career growth and development


  • High Level Astrology Birth Chart focuses specific period in your life and works out a spotlight focus on those specific years to help you understand all events, opportunities and challenges for that period.This provides deeper analysis on specific areas like Career, Marriage, Love, Wealth & Health.
  • When we would your pleasant period begin or be troublesome?
  • What are the pitfalls to look out ?
  • Discover basics of astrology with the chart wheel and your advanced birth chart.You can increase your knowledge about your birth chart with a detailed and complete astrological report.To find out about your current planetary cycles, the personalized forecasts will give you the updates about your birth chart with details about the domains that are activated during the planetary transits.Break down of next 5, 10 or 20 years & predictions of trends in career, finances, married life and health during these sub-periods.
  • Evaluation of your Natal chart (planetary cycles), you can easily learn about your life’s events which are taking effect in the present and what is going to materialize in the long term. All sorts of pleasant and unpleasant periods and kind of situations they would pose, could be identified from the assessment of your horoscope.
  • If there is any sort of concern, then appropriate astrological remedies are also advised simultaneously.
  • Discover how to close the gap between you & partner
  • Find out what is holding you back in your life and transform it
  • Will your pre- or extra-marital affairs be exposed?
  • Do you want to know the long term prospects of your romantic relationship?
  • Any Spiritual Cause that can create problems in personal or career life?
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We are all curious about our future; whether and when our personal situation will change. Most of the time our lives remain the same; but occasionally there’s a big shift. Using the techniques of blending Cycles calculations & Vedic Astrology (in advanced astrology chart interpretation) we can identify a number of unique horoscope chart factors that predict major change in a person’s life. These events can be further classified as being either Desirable or Undesirable.Which way it goes depends on the characteristics of whichever astrological factors are involved.

OUR OWN PREDICTIVE FORMULA : We have designed a predictive formula that reveals the timeline of when karmas indicated in the advanced birth report will be activated. Per the rules of Vedic Astrology, there are certain houses of the chart that are strongly associated with life changes during specify cosmic cycles. During the time periods when one or more of these parts of the chart are “turned on” by an associated planet , we know a major shift is coming ……. This is the main reason we are have monopoly in casting professional advanced astrology birth chart report..

OUR CYCLES PREDICTION SYSTEM : People often think they are running out of time but everything happens in cycles.We go through personal cycles when the planets in the sky activate the planets in your birth chart. They act as a push, an opening, a release valve, etc.Sometimes you can’t rush things even though others tells you otherwise. Sure you can do whatever you want as you absolutely have free will and it’s up to you to use your skills to create the life you want but deep inside you may not be ready for something until a certain age because that door just hasn’t opened yet…….. So when is THE TIME when the right door opens because it gives you an opportunity to appreciate the larger magic of life......So what are you waitting ,order advanced astrology chart & its indepth interpretation now.