(Understand Fluctuation in Business,Job,Relation with Changes in Cosmic Cycles)

  • Everything has its own time cycle whether it is season,age,business,life. If we know how it is, then we will not worry about it. When we do not know how it is, then we worry about it. Everything has a set time. Anything that starts has its own cycle.
  • Thus, when we know the time aspect, the disappointments, the delays and the obstacles do not bother us, for, we have learnt to wait, watchfully. We have to wait, until that kind of acceptance comes and we get to that knowledge, Saturn keeps working on us.
  • Man then realises that his expectations, generally, are not according to how it is, but according to what he regards as how it should be.
  • Saturn is a positive teacher when we know how it is, but when we do not know, how it is, it stops us. When we cook rice, if we overcook, we cannot eat it, and if we undercook, we also cannot eat it. That is how he sets the time, and makes us know about it. Thus, the process of knowing is done by Saturn. It is the teaching we get through our experience and through our experiments. Saturn withholds a portion of the workings of man beyond his control until the ultimate fitness of things is comprehended.It will not allow us to do things till we are fit for it.
  • If we learn to live in harmony with law of cycles,we remember that all things in our experience are subject to change & acceptnce of that change in cycles of life vastly improves quality of our lives.


  • Good -Bad-Neutral Period Analysis
  • Indication of areas of your life when stress / pressure will arise
  • Escalation of problems -Its control
  • How can you get protected from negative cycle's unpleasant effects.
  • Saturn Cycle Analysis & Sade Sati Period
  • Timing & Span of Bad Phase
  • A Complete Microscopic view of Chart
  • Remedial Support
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Explore Hidden Secrets to Cycle of Time:

  • When we live life in Sync with Cycles ,its like surfing a wave to shore but when we are out of step with the Cycles its like swimming against current
  • We Present the Monopoly in Art of Astrology .....By knowing the secrets of time cycle curves in tune with law of nature and manage negative period effectively one can reach goalpoint successfully in business,job,relationship.
  • Cosmic cycle will provide you instructive guide to your present psychological makeup and an indication of areas of your life when stress / pressure will arise. Its planning – management . Manage stress more elegantly and effectively, and how can you get protected from its unpleasant effects. How will your thinking styles change with time (in coming yrs ) , How will your emotional mind become less balanced . So how can you manage stress more effectively? How can you escape that trap of more stress => poorer coping => more stress with changes in cosmic pattern?
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