Is my Saturn well placed?How do you know if your Saturn is weak or malefic?


Saturn Cycle – Its Timing & Your Stages

Know when is my Saturn Return - Its Timing (Saturn Chart)

  • The Saturn return, an astrological transit that we all go through during our lifetime. It can be a time of harvest. It all depends on what you’ve created over the years. The more you can learn about the planet Saturn, and the timing of its return to the same point as when you were born, then you can go through this time period with more awareness, and even reap some of Saturn’s wisdom
  • If there is one phrase that applies to Saturn, it would be: “If you do the work, then you can reap the rewards.”If you want to know what the current Saturn cycle has in store for you and what strategies you’ll need to align with it in a conscious & empowered way, then look no further ,contact for indepth saturn chart analysis
  • Saturn & Right Time - Everything has its own time cycle whether it is season,age,business,job. If we know how it is, then we will not worry about it. When we do not know how it is, then we worry about it. Everything has a set time. Anything that starts has its own cycle.Thus, when we know the time aspect, the disappointments, the delays and the obstacles do not bother us, for, we have learnt to wait, watchfully. We have to wait, until that kind of acceptance comes and we get to that knowledge, Saturn keeps working on us.
  • Saturn & Law of Nature - Saturn in chart indicates structures that must build and maintain over life for success in that area of life even when it takes more effort than it seems to others.Lack of doing so can result in immature response to that area of life,undesired consequences that perhaps could have been avoided.These consequences are result of over ruling natural law. for eg : Eating too much sugar causes diabetes .Saturn allows us to evolve according to the Natural law. When the Law of Nature is not obliged, it applies hydraulic brakes & we cannot move. We have to look back and see if there is something wrong in our procedure. If there is no progress, it means, we are in error. Unless we rectify certain things in us, further progress is arrested be it business,relationship,career etc.


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How to know if my Saturn is malefic or weak?


How can we reduce the malefic effect of Saturn?

Can we reduce malefic effects of Saturn? Saturn chart reveals ....

  • Events we expect when going through their Saturn Return? What are common transformations are there?
  • During the Saturn Return there is usually a crisis of maturation. We feel the weight of time, as if an external force is pressuring us to make a series of hard and sobering choices. The Return is about taking on the mantle of responsibility and leadership. If we’ve been screwing around in our 20s and not committed to much of anything, the Return tends to be a rude awakening. Relationships may fall apart, careers disintegrate. We may realize that the structures of our lives are too shaky to keep building upon them. A change of direction may be needed along with lots of soul searching. Saturn says start again and build it stronger.
  • Know how your situation fluctuates with change in Saturn transit.Consult us on Saturn cycle & its relation with your rise & fall,job change,business fluctuation
  • The sooner you can sit down with Saturn and start sketching out goals and ambitions for the future, the better. If you are in debt, make a serious stand to get your finances in order. If you are in a job you hate, what would make you happier? How can you make a small step towards a better future? Saturn will reward your hard work and the time you spend getting your life together. Know when this saturn return happens in your life
  • We can help client map out the path ahead. And by looking at Saturn’s position in the natal chart, an astrologer can get a better idea of the lessons and challenges being worked on in this lifetime. So consulting astro expert is a must to check this saturn returns position & timing in your birth chart.
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