Know when planetary alignment favour your forward progress & when they do not

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This report provide DETAIL business report and chart guidance with in-depth and personalized and financial analysis & advice , along with unique Time Cycle Analysis - Business Cycle Analysis - Financial status Analysis - Crisis Point analysis - Its management and planning - Reading of collective influence & its compatibility insights -Answers to your question

When Businessl growth will take place? and its rate of success Span of success and finally when to consolidate the strength in respect of finance before it reaches to its limitation ie bad phase or transformation phase. -Answers to your question


  • Business owner,Company Chairman,Company President
  • CEO - CMD - MD
  • Senior Executives
  • Proprietors,Business Houses
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership
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Contents of Business Natal Chart:

  • When Business growth will take place? and its rate of success
  • Span of success and finally when to consolidate the strength in respect of finance
  • Bad phase due to non-coordination and non cooperation with management or labour,
  • Span of collective growth and success.
  • Limit of partnership business
  • Study of financial risk factor / ups & down cycle . when to consolidate the financial strength
  • Mental stress – strain and Health problems affects business

Detail Report of Business & Company Horoscope :

  • Gives detail understanding of Favourable periods of Expansion-Consolidation-New investment
  • Know your company's high growth periods,period of slowdown where you need a cautious approach
  • Know How Astrological Cycle influences Business Ups & Down? Its Timing
  • When to enter into new contracts, or hold on past business structure .
  • How to predict the success of potential partnership business
  • How do I plan for Negative cycle or downturns?
  • Helps Take Advantage Of Opportunity,Avoid Pitfall
  • Understand the Astrological forces affecting finance and business .
  • Rise to new levels by appropriate remedy?
  • Understand the critical factors impacting your business situation right now.Refocus and realign with the strategy as per your chart
  • Understand your business ups & down phases,cycle of change,collective & individual fate analysis
  • Your financial cycle :when & how your company will grow ,die or becomes standstill.Your stages in life in coming time period..Achieve massive results by knowing divine help & get path of success using Business Homam Combinations
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