Advanced Astrology Chart

advanced astrology chart

Full birth chart is an excellent package to know Road Map for your life which include Horoscope Analysis + Life Predictions + Remedy to maximize future potential.

Full Birth Chart

Business Chart

business astrology chart

Make plans of your business by knowing your upcoming cycles - Whether your concern is business improvement,expansion,entering into new venture,Know business fate.

Business Chart

Job Change Chart

job change by horoscope,job change astrology chart

We help you preparing in advance when you will approach saturation point demanding job change,when it is time to adjust your strategy,detail account of challenges & promotions

Job Change Chart

Life Storms

Storm makes judgement clouded,reality dark,repenting later,convictions changed.Storm cover intelligence & prevent light reching mind.Important decisions should be avoided in period of storm.Know how to withstand the storms?How our mind fluctuates in period of storm?..
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Progression & Saturn

Saturn allows us to evolve according to Natural law.When Law of Nature is not obliged, it applies hydraulic brakes & we cannot move.Look back ,see if there is wrong in our procedure. If there is no progress, it means,we are in error. Unless we rectify things in us, further progress is arrested.
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Predicting Oppurtunity

If you know when the window of opportunity is going to open for you,you can time your efforts to maximize your potential for success.Using techniques of prediction,we determine when opportunity factors are "turned on."knowledge of the timing,coordinated with right actions increases your chances .Order Business chart, Job Chart , Marital Fate Chart

Vibrations & Influences

Do you ever feel like you're magnet for attracting negative energy or people?Learn techniques on how to recognise,dissolve,transmute & release these energies, as they can affect your quality of life.Protect yourself from being a victim of negative energy & malicious intentions by incorporating traditional vedic remedies in life.Strengthen your own force field & maintain your energy within ,no matter what the external circumstances is
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Mind Oscillation

Is your Mind oscillating like monkey?Mind not under control?Is your mind as a monkey?We know that monkeys are restless.This monkey is now dancing here, there.The dancing monkey then gets drunk ,starts to dance even further like a freak. Is this exactly how your mind working?Know about Mind Tendencies - Its Control
Mind Control Vedic Technique

Indian Holistic Healing

Do not let your weak karma,negativity make you suffer.We provide strong indian purification technique & divine holistic aproach for spiritual purity,healing,get rid off bad karmic faults.Avail wide variety of packages ; spiritual practice,ritual practice,ethical practice,ancestral blessing,go vedic lifestyle.
Know powerful indian cleansing approach & hindu divine healing

Vedic Astrology Chart Analysis & its Indepth Interpretation

Order Vedic astrology chart interpretation alongwith full life challenges & advantages report,obstacles analysis,oppurtunity phase.For instance, specific alignments or transits of celestial bodies could suggest a phase of adversity or obstacles, whereas others may signify a period of favorable circumstances or fortunate events.

  • A fundamental principle known as the Law of Cycles, which posits that all phenomena in the universe, including human lives,conform to cyclical patterns.Thus Our triumphs, setbacks & emotional experiences, are interconnected and part of an ongoing cycle that continuously repeats itself.
  • Law of Time,another principle which asserts that time is not a linear concept, but instead operates in cycles.Thus our life experiences are not random, but instead are connected to a larger cosmic cycle, which is influenced by the positions and movements of the celestial bodies. Thus, the events that we encounter in our lives are not isolated occurrences, but rather interconnected and influenced by the rhythms of the universe.
  • Law of Change as a crucial principle, which emphasizes that change is an inherent and constant part of life.

Vedic Astrology chart analysis offers proven remedies and practical solutions to overcome any obstacles that may arise in life. These remedies can include gemstone therapy, recommendations for performing puja (worship), yagya (sacred fire ceremony) therapy, and mantras for invoking positive outcomes. These solutions have been tested over time and are designed to remove any blocks that may hinder your progress and promote overall well-being

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