Understand Transition Phase in relationship,job,work,business,association

When well-ordered existence seems to crack open and system no longer seem to work as it once did. This may occur slowly over time or with an unexpected suddenness.When we begin to lose control and system seems to fall apart, we are at the entrance way to a life transition, a pregnant time that is filled with unseen and well-disguised possibilities .If this opportunity is taken up and fully lived and experienced our lives can expand and be reborn into a larger life. But if we refuse or deny this opportunity, are overcome by fear, or simply don’t know how to move through it, then we may refuse the forward movement of transition ........ That is the juncture point.

All transitions begin with endings that in them the past essence is a dying off and separation from certain parts of our life & identity that no longer work for us. This may include relationships, lifestyles, work, meanings, values, desires, mental attitudes, or business result. Endings must precede new beginnings but yet many people immobilized by an fear, will refuse this call, recoil from this adventure and grasp onto the old ways, returning to the stagnation and decay of what was - losing personal power, creativity .

When we reach point of transition cycle ......

  • The critical period, when we hear and are summoned to answer the call to change, is a momentous time of our life when the courage and risks taken will determine for many years ahead.
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transition time


  • When certain phases in our lives are coming to an end & another is beginning?
  • Time of opening and opportunity.
  • How to shape our Uncertain period to be in greater alignment with our innate truths and current goals.
  • Understanding three overlapping stages: an ending, a neutral zone and a new beginning.Ending: A time of letting go of old ways and old identities and grieving losses,Neutral zone: A confusing, ambiguous, unsettled but also creative, in-between time when new alignments and patterns are developing (and may be difficult to articulate) & finally New beginning: A time for assuming new identities with a renewed sense of purpose and energy for moving forward

Advice & Report to Help you create radical shifts

    • Timing of end of one chapter, perhaps a job , relationship and the beginning of another, how do we learn to navigate this space with greater ease and more comfort even when entering into that which is new and unfamiliar?
    • How to know whether you need to let something go, and how to work through any fear, resistance or worry that arises.
    • How to create a clear and powerful vision for the new desires, and new beginnings you are ready to step into.
    • Laying the foundations of the new that we want to create
    • We wil help you process your thoughts and feelings, work through inner blocks and receive inner guidance.
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