Astrology Remedies & Puja for Sade Sati & Shani Dosha

A Comprehensive Look at Sade Sati - Why What How of the SadeSati & its dosha influence on you? If you are among those who are experiencing this period now or have been forewarned of its approach in your birth chart, we help you guide how to come out of this transition smooth & secured .

Although the 7.5 your transit is the time for intense churning by various means, it must be regarded as a course in self-reliance and self-growth. It is a time where dependence on others must be discarded - whether it is for emotional security and nurturance, financial safety or for family issues.One has to somehow thrust one's hand into one's own core and pull out internal strength, resources and light to find the way forward. In other words, the higher self or soul intelligence must be accessed to move forward. One must shun the false props and start marching towards true growth and evolution..

Sade Sati is a very intense karmic cycle... and the rhythm is followed without fail after every 28 years for an individual, lasting 7.5 years again.

Vedic Services get rid off Shani Dosha & Sadesati Negativity:

We cannot escape Sade Sati or Shani Dosha , but we can improve our karmas to reduce its effect.Know our vedic astrology services if you are sailing in shani dosha:

Know Sade sati & Shani Dosha:

One of the most common astrological phenomena usually talked about is the Shani Sade Sati.This period of Sade Sati runs for approximately 7 ½ years, so you can understand the importance of it.We will understand its effect on the lives of the natives. We will also clear the common notion that Sade sati is always bad and it brings troubles for the natives.One of the most intriguing and even dreaded part of the journey in astrological terms is the Saturn's seven and half year cycle or Sade Sati.Everything is born, grows, withers and falls away. Just as seasons in a year life has seasons too. However, what creates difficulty is the innate human tendency leaning towards maximising pleasure and minimising pain and also offering resistance to change. Barely has homoeostasis been achieved new adjustments must be made!It is a long period, this 7.5 year long walk to the dark jungle.

Sade Sati (shani dosha) is often the leveller for any human being and brings relative difficulty and pain related to the three areas of health, wealth and relationships - these three areas involving several subset of events that pummel and knead one into a very pliable dough.

This period usually comprises of three phases of 2.5 years each. We will cover each phase in a deep way.

  • 1st Phase of Sade sati (Initiation Phase) - This phase marks the initiation of Sade sati period the “Rising Phase”. The things that you considered as important,business flow that was good earlier will no longer serve you and will finally vanish away from your life. The people whom you considered as important will start withdrawing from your life.You may feel a little bit low and sometimes you may lose hopes.You would experience some delays or obstacles in your tasks .Unwanted fears, doubts and pessimistic thinking would increase in your behaviour.This gradual shift in life will start bringing mental agonies and worries for the native. .
  • 2nd Phase - The Peak Phase reason being it creates too much mental stress in our lives.This phase also lasts for 2.5 years.In this time, you undergo a lot of mental tension which can even land you into depression.Relationships suffer. People are seen to contemplate a lot during this period and often brood about their glorious past.Over and deep thinking would cause mental anxiety.You may start doubting yourself and sometimes may feel guilt for something.
  • Last Phase - Settling Phase - This is the third and final phase of Sade Sati and usually runs for the rest 2.5 years out of the 7 and ½ year period.As this is the last phase so, it is not that bad and the Shani Dev minimizes his harmful effect on the native during this 2.5 years.The last point is the setpoint and is the last part of Saturn’s bad effect. The sufferer gets a bit relieved after crossing the first two points during this phase. The outcome in this period will be very slow. Problems related to domestic and career front of the person arises along with misunderstandings. Balancing the different aspects of life at this point is necessary in order to have a good result after the end of the Sade Sati. Upon completion of this phase, the testing period gets over.

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Things to expect in your Sade Sati Dosha:

  • HARD WORK : Forget the easy life flow,Easy shortcuts , easy money , easy relationship will be a thing of past.Hard work is the need of the hour and any slackness will be punished immediately
  • MOVING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE : Time to upgrade yourself, your skills or learn new system. Old convenient ways will not work now.Time to get out of your comfort zone and do things you are/were afraid of.
  • HURDLES : Life will not be straightforward,Fight the resistance and Shani will reward your strength Never give up ! These hurdles are transient
  • LOSS OF SELF RESPECT : Embarrassing situations might make you feel that you are losing your self esteem.People will conspire, insult or even make you feel inferior.Do right. Do not think much about the rest. Things will fall into place eventually
  • DISCIPLINE : Be disciplined & follow nature or else Saturn will teach you in its own unpleasant ways Any laziness, carelessness or shortcuts will get you in trouble
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Astrological Remedies for Calming Sade Sati - Shani Dosha:

At spiritual level

  • We provide Guidance on Wearing appropriate gemstone
  • Wearing right quantity & quality of jyotish stone piece
  • Advice on Chanting of specific mantra
  • We provide Religious Sacred books
  • Detail account of sattvic practices to observe
  • Charity/ volunteer work on
  • Offer water in the dusk hours to sacred trees
  • Specify pujas to specific diety

At an advisory level:

  • Order Premium Hand-written Sade Sati Report
  • You will be provided detailed guidance about the areas that may get affected
  • This information will help you to face the testing times with more confidence
  • Sade Sati Life Report Will lessen the chances of you taking the wrong decisions.
  • Thorough advice on High or Low phase in Job
  • Divine remedies which treat root problems of all your relationship,marital woes
  • Time-tested & result-oriented Vedic Sugestions, Remedial Support
  • Know all about career growth and development
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Truth about SadeSati:

  • Although this period is marked with umpteen difficulties for most of the native but for few this is great time to reap the benefits of their good Karmas done previously.The Sade Sati is not a period of retribution or pure hardship as many perceive it, but it is instead a phase to redeem yourself and to refine your core personality, while learning to be more responsible.
  • Shani Dev blesses the natives abundantly during this period with great career, health, wealth and overall prosperity during this period.Despite all the adversities that are brought forward with sade sati, it is a phase which leads to permanent changes in the person’s personality as the tribulations and the rewards it brings are of a permanent nature. The gains and losses in the native’s life lead to a permanent impact on the psyche of the person. The period of sade sati takes away the natural support system of the person, leaving him on his own and thus leads to the maturity of the person as he learns to survive in the world.
  • Worried about being under Sadé Sati? Did anyone tell you that you are doomed until the end of the dreaded period?REMEMBER, SADÉ SATI IS NOT A CURSE BUT A PERIOD OF COURSE CORRECTION IN LIFE.
  • Although sade-sati is infamous for being a difficult time in a person’s life, if the person keeps in mind certain truths like above about this time & follow vedic remedial application , it can bring a lot of mental and practical ease in his life. The adverse results can be mitigated with the right reading ,analysis and positive results can be accrued gracefully with right application of vedic solution .
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