Mind Analysis of Partner

(Unmasking the true identity of your spouse by knowing Cosmic Cycles)

  • Present Psychological Makeup
  • Why his mood & thought fluctuates?
  • How Astrological cycle influences his mind?
  • Why Sudden shift in attitude?
  • Influence of Others on Your Partner


  • Know major turns of fate in Spouse life
  • How his mood/thought/liking changes in Negative time?
  • Escalation of problems -Its control
  • Advice & Suggestion
  • Remedial Support
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Get Clarity On::

  • How - why - when Astrological cycle influences Human Mind?
  • Why does Mind Fluctuates?
  • How by Understanding Your Partner's State of mind & Cycle of Change you can make better decisions?
  • How & When your Partner's Mind,Thinking,Behaviour will Fluctuate in coming time?
  • Understanding Influences of Other Person on Your Spouse
  • Benefits of Saturn Return Cycle by having a chart reading with an astrologer?
  • We can help client map out the path ahead. And by looking at Saturn’s position in the natal chart, an astrologer can get a better idea of the lessons and challenges being worked on in this lifetime. So consulting astro expert is a must to check this saturn returns position & timing in your birth chart.
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