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  • Karma refers to the sum of our actions in the current and previous lives, which decide our future. Karma is responsible for all your problems and successes as well. To cleanse your mind ,body & soul and erase your bad karma , be it financial, relationship or health Indian spiritual healing & hindu holistic work can be performed on your behalf & can put a swift end to your bad karma.
  • Bad Karma & Soul blockage is actually an accumulation of imbalances gained through many life cycles. These mishaps or imbalances create more bad karma, limit your ability to express or get positive outcomes, cause immense suffering ,pain. We actually need to cleanse soul , mind,body & clear bad karma at every stage of our life or infact on daily basis by following indian spiritual practices.
  • You can cleanse your soul ,subconsious mind & erase karmic faults & get free from impurities & negative karma with divine indian spiritual practices in hinduisim such as contemplation, higher knowledge, meditation, chants, prayers ,mental worship,breathing technique,adopting vedic ways and other purification methods
  • Predominance of purity leads to freedom, a higher birth in the next life, enlightenment or liberation, whereas the prevalence of impurities leads to sinful karma, bondage, lower birth, mental darkness,sadness,failure and suffering. Hence, Hindu spiritual,ritual,ethical practices are essentially purificatory practices. They emphasize the importance of cultivating purity, be it prayer, worship, meditation, righteous conduct, yoga or austerity. Their aim is to purify the person, his environment,his mind - body - soul - belief - actions,the world, family, ancestors or life itself so that he or she can become free from sinful karma, transgressions, bondage and suffering.
  • Ancient Indian healing technique emphasize the importance of soul cleansing and purity in the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of humans upon earth, and prescribe self-purification for salvation.


  • Spiritual Practice (regulated breathing,mental worship,japa,concentration)
  • Ritual Practice (prayers,birthday rituals,sacred name chanting,evil eye removal)abstaining from certain things)
  • Ehical Practice (practices which promote righteous conduct, predominance of morality, physical & mental discipline)
  • Purifiers (Hinduism recognizes certain objects, places, events, actions, people, beings and phenomena as purifiers or cleansers, having the power to cleanse sins)
  • Following Vedic Lifestyle
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Understanding Natal Chart
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indian spiritual healing


Ancient Indian healing techniques

indian holistic healing


Remove Your BAD Karma on a RIGHT TIME THROUGH VEDIC WAY Indian Holistic Healing Therapy Helps

Powerful Indian Holistic Healing Technique for Purifying Soul & Clearing Bad Karma

Heavy karma can trap us in the same old patterns by pulling us toward the same types of people, jobs, illnesses, events, accidents,relationships and unneeded burdens. A much-needed break in the karmic cycle can occur when we analyze our personal karma and take the necessary steps to resolve it. We provide various bad karma clearing & healing packages to become unstuck from your current karma and manifest a new reality:


  • Planetary Pooja : We perform these rituals on your behalf, so whether you remember or not and whether you are conscious of them happening at the time or not- we do the work for you. Early morning Pooja will be performed daily for all 9 Planets (Navagrahas). Performing this Pooja can control unfavorable planetary influences and enhance their favorable blessings
  • Tarpanam for Ancestors (ancestor healing):Your success and your failure are both largely due to ancestral karma. Performing Tarpanam daily can remove negative ancestral karma and help you receive their blessings.To enquire in detail email us
  • Mantra healing : We guide a meditation practice that includes recitation of the powerful purification mantra .This practice, from the Experiential Transmission helps one to clear negative karma, satisfy longstanding karmic debts, and free oneself to live a more joyful, spontaneous life.
  • Adopt Vedic way of life in Contemporary times: Reconnecting with Nature (a package to adopt vedic lifestyle) - A need is felt to revise the current lifestyle even if it means questioning the choices one has made.The ultimate objective is to establish the universal nature of the Vedic philosophy relating to human lifestyle.The philosophy of Vedic times, if applied correctly, is more than capable providing solutions to not only personal level but at a spiritual level too.Vedic practices offer very practical ways for modern people to move closer to our inner selves. We advice you how you can incorporate specific indian spiritual healing techique into your own lives. Yoga for Healthy Body,Dhyana for Healthy Mind,Pranayama for Healthy Breathing,Satsang for Healthy Community,Behavioral and Cultural practices like Bathing after visiting cremation ground or shaving or vomiting - Namaskar/Namaste has replaced hugs,Birthday celebrations only by Yagyas,Placement science (Vastu) for placing things in house,routine activities like ringing a bell or breaking a coconut in a temple,Worship a plant, a tree, an animal or the elements?As we move forward, the sessions take you through the daily routine followed by mantras, yoga, satsangha and dhyana.
  • Act on Auspicious time: As stated before, actions performed during auspicious time or on auspicious days such as festivals are conducive to purity since they are meritorious acts and free from evil.
  • Scriptures: Scriptures such as the Bhagavadgita, Bhagavatam or the Ramayana are purifiers in themselves. The general belief is that by carrying them or keeping them in the house one can drive away evil powers or sanctify it.
  • Worship of the Sun and the moon & other celestial bodies : In Hinduism they represent the immortal world and the world of ancestors respectively. They are also regarded as divinities and ritually worshipped to overcome impurities.Know the procedure for these celestial body worship & prayers.Email us

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Bad Karmic energy Check by Natal Chart
  • Understand astral chart : Your life journey is determined by the planetary configuration of your birth blueprint. Your past and present life karma creates and changes the configuration of the planets. Where these planets reside in your Vedic Astrology birth chart initiates how your life journey unfolds. Success, wealth, pain, hardship, loss, relationship, and health issues are identified through the planetary configuration and scanning of past life layers. Karma blocks are revealed and cleared through advanced Vedic processes with divine (celestial) guidance. Request your Advanced Vedic Astrology Session Here.
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