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Garbh sanskar is a hindu process to achieve optimum level of balance before new born arrival

Garbh Sanskar a combination of good vedic prayers,mantras,chant,reading vedic holy material

  • What is Garbh Sanskar ? A Vedic science with 100% scientific proof.It is a collective of behavioural,thinking,vedic practices to give birth to a virtous baby.It is a transmitting positive influences to unborn baby all be vedic spiritual means.It is all about religious and traditional sanskar of baby.Garbh Sanskar, a scientifically proven fact, is an amazing way of imparting knowledge and bonding with unborn baby in womb during pregnancy. The foetal indoctrinations are much more effective than post delivery indoctrinations and they are also difficult to erase. So we should accept this method of influencing the foetus with good values.The fundamental principle underlying Garbh Sanskar is that unborn baby is able to sense, feel, listen, dream, respond to outside stimulus & environment like thoughts, feeling of mother, soft music, vedic mantra sung in a particular vedic rhythm etc.
  • Online Garbh Sansakar Program : We conduct exclusive collection of online garbh sanskar zoom classes .... For whom & when : For pregnant women & pregnancy planners.It should be practiced on a regular basis till the end of pregnancy.
  • Educate Your Unborn with "Vedic Values" Right in Womb : It's proven that most of the development of a child takes place inside the mother’s womb; it’s a sensitive grooming time. Ideally, the preparation for conception should start 3-4 months prior conception as per Garbh Sanskar. However, it is always recommended to at least start following principles of Garbh Sanskar once the conception is confirmed to harness the maximum benefit for both fetus and mother. Garbh Sanskar not only benefits unborn baby but also has immense benefits for mother too. It not only inculcates positive thinking and attitude but also promotes overall physical well being & moral support to pregnant woman also.

Importance of Hindu tradition Garbh Sanskar in Pregnancy:

  • To give society a cultured,virtous,intelligent child .
  • Improve the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual quotient of the unborn baby
  • To minimise medical and emotional problems during pregnancy and labour.
  • To guide spiritual and scientific approach for whole pregnancy and labour.
  • Positive stimulation of the senses of the foetus in the womb
  • To increase confidence of would be mother
  • To enjoy & understand pregnancy.
  • To build strong bond with baby before and after birth.
  • To encourage active participation of would be father
  • Scientific explanation for all Apprehension and fears prior to and after delivery.
  • Easy and cosy painless delivery education.
  • Proper guidance regarding what must be done instead of thinking about what to do or what not to do.
  • To know everything about WOMB because every minute thing matters.
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What we provide (Online Garbh Sanskar Program):

  • Daily Routine in Adopting Holistic Pregnancy System
  • Powerful Baby Healing Meditation Techniques (calmness technique)
  • Month wise astrological tips & suggestions
  • How to Increase intellect of coming baby (Intellectual stimulation)
  • Highly effective baby brain development vedic techniques
  • Powerful Mantra Therapy
  • Detailed guideline from conception to delivery.
  • Mystic Yoga, Pranayam, Pure Diet, Vedic Prayer, Does & Don’t During Pregnancy.
  • Powerful Spiritual Techniques to imprint positive sanskara in Baby’s Subconscious Mind


Correct application of Vedic Knowledge & Hindu Spiritual field Helps concieve a child of our dreams

Prenatal Vedic Techniques

Online Garbh Sanskar Classes & Therapies for your Pregnancy Journey:.

  • SUN THERAPY (SURYA ARGYA) : The rays of the rising Sun are considered most beneficial according to Atharvaveda. These rays have immense powers.Methods for saluting the sun during rise, noon and set along with chanting of Gayatri Mantra & others is prescribed.Surya Arghya Technique – Offering water to Sun, Procedure, Mantra & Health Benefits are advised
  • MUSIC THERAPY : Did you know a lullaby or simple tunes or sounds will make your baby calmer ?Listening to music or ragas during pregnancy will not only have a soothing and uplifting effect on the pregnant woman, but also a positive influence on the unborn baby.Classical music, gentle sounds like lullabies, holy ragas ,nice melodies,calming music are provided that inspire happiness.
  • MANTRA THERAPY : Specific combination of holy ‘mantras’: ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, ‘Durga Chalisa’ , 'Krishna Stories' are provided and would be mothers are narrated stories of valour of heroes like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap that have strong effect on vedic values build up.
  • HEALING MEDITATION : Meditation involves trying to achieve a 'zero state of mind' which is when you are thinking about nothing and your mind is blank. While trying to meditate, you can visualise your baby and with each breath think of all the wonderful experiences you want to share with her. Many mothers find that this process brings them joy and helps them connect better with their growing babies.
  • THERAPY NATUROPATHY : The moment you're having a heay argument with your spouse, your in-laws are being nosy and butting in or if they expect you to consult them first whenever you're trying to make a career or housing decision, that's when you know you have a meddling parent-in-law. To have a solid support system is nice,
  • MUDRA THERAPY : Mudra are a symbolic hand gesture practiced, with hands and fingers - each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain. They help focus the mind & the flow of energy in the subtle body which helps deepen our journey within.Mudras foster inner strength and confidence which are particularly helpful for pregnant women to focus on a specific intent, including removing obstacles/ fear, opening the heart centre, cultivating & connecting to a deep sense of calm & developing a feeling of unconditional love. The beauty of these is that they can be practiced anywhere and anytime to bring about a particular energetic effect.
  • SWAR THERAPY : To a fetus, the mother’s voice is clearer than any other voice. When a pregnant mother chants super holy words the baby both hears her voice and feels the calming energy created by this vocalization.The “om” chant reaches the baby in the uterus while the chanting process continues.What is better than tapping the hidden powers of the ‘Omkara’.Children are the future and it is of paramount importance that they know and practice saying Super Holy words "Omkara mantra" etc right from womb .To a fetus, the mother’s voice is clearer than any other voice. When a pregnant mother chants super holy words the baby both hears her voice and feels the calming energy created by this vocalization.The “om” chant reaches the baby in the uterus while the chanting process continues.
  • FOOD THERAPY : We provide the mother a diet plan that is nutritious and ‘satvik’ (vegetarian), support system is nice,What to eat & what not to eat as per vedic guidelines is adviced
  • PRAYERS THERAPY : Praying and other spiritual activities is an important part of Garbha sanskar. It is believed to play a role in the spiritual development of your baby. There are mantras and shlokas that are specifically recited for the unborn baby. These include prayers to bless the baby with good attributes like intelligence, good health, happiness and good moral values. Hear our collection of pregnancy shlokas that pray for the protection of the expectant mother and her baby.
  • GARBH SAMWAD : It is well reasearched that its worth talking to your baby, listening to music and reading educative books while you are pregnant. This shall make your baby have better-sleeping habits, be more alert and confident, more content, more active at birth, em is nice,Communicating with your baby, or Garbha sanwaad, is considered to be the most important aspect of Garbha sanskar. It is believed to stimulate her senses, and contribute to her mental and physical growth. It can also go a long way towards building a strong bond between you and your baby.
  • EDUCATIVE BOOKS : According to Garbh sanskar, it is believed that reading educative books during pregnancy will pass on the wisdom to the child. So for ages, pregnant women have been encouraged to read mythological stories and scriptures, in the hope that good moral values would reach their babies. If you'd prefer something more modern, you could read other books. Whether it's about cooking, self-help, romance, nursery rhymes or fairy tales, read something that makes you feel happy

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