Divine Healing Removes Evil Eyes & Nazar and Develops Positive Magnetism

  •  Jul 14, 2021

Divine Healing Removes Evil Eyes

How to remove evil eye? How to remove nazar? Warding off  mystic malevolent forces 

Ancient divine healing to remove evil eye & nazar - Strong aura & positive magnetism buildup

We provide divine healing packages for physical, mental and emotional well-being

Ever wondered why we get good or bad vibes from fellow human beings? Or why someone’s energy changes the aura of the room? Or when a person’s strong negative personality starts reflecting on you? It is because of magnetism. Our magnetism influences others and we get influenced by other people’s magnetism.Or in spiritual words we call this as "THE EVIL EYE" if we are in influence of other person's negative magnetism.

Every  human comes under an unseen threat the moment he  steps out of their  spiritual zone & enter a disharmonious environment,, which the metaphysical  world calls the evil eye spell casting. The negative glance or nazar can be delivered intentionally or unknowingly by  near ones, relatives, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances, and the results can be damaging phenomenon.A stare holds the power to inflict catastrophic misfortune.In almost all traditions, there are several ancient ways to remove evil eye, avoid, repel, remove or reduce the targeted dark forces or  nazar issue .Although we are unable to recognise the intangible and invisible unfavourable energy we face, most traditions believe people convey the unhealthy stare  innocently or  involuntarily.According to some beliefs, no one can escape another  person’s ability to generate the energy of jealousy, envy or ill thoughts about  progress  of another individual but we can definitely  make our auric circle strong &  powerful by indian vedic remedies that such a glance effect does not comes in our life.Magnetic self-protection can be attained by refuting to reply to the negative auras and developing  powerful positive magnetism. In order to increase an interchangeable increase of magnetism, a person should remain in the positive energy circuit and reciprocate that positive energy to the world. If the positive human magnet is stronger and powerful than the negative human magnet, it will not get affected or can even eliminate the effect of the latter. The positive magnetism has the power to bring down the negative human magnet .How can we achieve positive spiritual magnetism is possible by following Vedic Divine Healing.

Re-connecting with the ancient Indian wisdom of energy healing practices &  divine healing solution from India allows us to remove evil eye ,all sort of nazar problems,empower our body’s innate capacity to self-heal, and return us to our natural state of wholeness.

If  we adopt  vedic technique with great will and strong faith, any evil coming toward you from others will be arrested at its source, and only good vibrations will be able to reach you. In this way also, while protecting yourself you will not in any way be harming your opponent, though his own negative thoughts may indeed rebound upon him since they cannot reach their intended goal in you.





divine healing

Just like you have a physical body with muscles that keep it safe and strong, you need to have a spiritual body with ‘muscles’ that serve the same purpose. Some people have a lot stronger spiritual body than a physical one, some have a stronger physical body than spiritual, but a healthy balance is the right choice here.Just like we do physical fitness to keep our body strong and healthy, we should do spiritual fitness & follow spiritual guidelines to make body spiritual strong.

We guide you on diverse level of  spiritual and religious practices within the Hindu traditions to understand the intricate culture of meditative communion and contemplation, devotion, spiritual formation, prayer, ritual, and worship to build up a strong spiritual body that need turns enhances our power to deflect evil eyes & nazar problems.

Hindu practices if well performed impact our mind and transform our consciousness and thereby increase our magnetic power to attract fortunate circumstances.  


  • We Provide Powerful Divine healing ways to remove Evil eyes.

  • Mitigate and Resolve Negative Karma through Vedic Healing (internalizing and externalizing)

  • Make your spiritual energy field stronger by following Indian divine healing from  vedic times

  • Techniques to increase your own magnetism and be spiritually strong 

  • Strengthen and Protect Your Spiritual Magnetism

  • One to one Personalised Guidance for identifying Root Problem




1...Vedic  Pooja :

holy rituals for evil eye remove

We perform these rituals on your behalf, so whether you remember or not and whether you are conscious of them happening at the time or not - we do the work for you. Specific  Pooja will be performed  for all  Planets (Navagrahas). Performing this Pooja can control unfavorable planetary influences and enhance their favorable blessings.People whose birth chart shows presence of  Planets which are more prone to Evil eye are adviced accordingly.People with weak  planets  are most liable to be affected by evil eye .Certain planets rules over paranormal activities on specific turns of life. So they may also indicate evil eye or nazar  in certain combinations.

If there are inherent flaws in a person’s own horoscope, he/she will experience the effects of Envy or Evil at some point in time. The difference lies with affected  planet and then which planet is spoiling the game. So corresponding puja is helpful in this. 


2.... Ancestor healing :

ancestor blessing ritual

Performing ancestral healing & blessing rituals  daily can remove negative energies and help you receive their blessings.According to Hindu scriptures, honouring ancestors assures us of their blessings and showers us with happiness. Hindus believe that not honouring their deceased ancestors on the annual periods  will result in accumulation of  curses and result  in poverty, a miserable life, delayed marriages, misfortune or prone to evil eye etc.Ancestor worship is a religious practice based on the belief that deceased family members have a continued existence, that the spirits of  deceased  ancestors will look after the family, take an interest in the affairs of the world, and possess the ability to influence the fortune of the living and remove evil eye ,evil nazar,evil aura from surrounding.

Ancestors have the capacity to bless you.It is therefore extremely auspicious and important to remember and honor our ancestors and express our gratitude to  them. The spiritual practices that you do, helps your ancestors to find mukti or liberation and in return they send you blessings in abundance.Once we have developed that the relationship with anscestors through ritual and reflection, we can begin to ask for their  favour & blessings. And they will begin to offer us  guidance, helping us make better decisions to benefit the generations that are to come.Begin working on your relationship with your ancestors by performing their rituals & prayers


3... Mantra healing :

mantra meditation

We guide a meditation practice that includes recitation of the powerful purification mantra for removal of evil eye.This practice, from the  Experiential Transmission helps one to clear negative energies, build strong auric presence , and  enhance protection covering .Awaken your latent healing energies by indian mantra healing.


4...Chant  Sacred words like Aum:

sacred chanting

There are huge collection of  ancient sacred words  considered to be the primordial sound, the mantra of creation that  contains the totality of all other sounds. Chanting it aloud several times purifies your atmosphere and aura. It connects you to the universal life force of all creation  vibrating at the same wavelength.Package of various chants & sacred words are provided .To enquire send email vedicbirth@gmail.com


5.... Adopt Vedic way of life in Contemporary times:

Reconnecting with Nature (a package to adopt vedic lifestyle) - A need is felt to revise the current lifestyle  even if it  means questioning the choices one has made.The ultimate objective is to establish the universal nature of the Vedic philosophy relating to human lifestyle.Vedic  practices offer  very practical ways for modern people to move closer to our inner selves. We advice you how you can incorporate specific indian spiritual healing techique into your own lives. Yoga for Healthy Body,Dhyana for Healthy Mind,Pranayama for Healthy Breathing,Satsang for Healthy Community,Behavioral and Cultural practices like Bathing after visiting cremation ground or shaving or vomiting - Namaskar/Namaste has replaced hugs,Birthday celebrations only by Yagyas,Placement science (Vastu) for placing things in house,routine activities like ringing a bell or breaking a coconut in a temple,Worship specific divine plant, a tree, an animal or the elements?As we move forward, the sessions take you through the daily routine followed by mantras, yoga,dhyana & other techniques for strong magnetism layer build up around you.

The  philosophy of Vedic times, if applied correctly, is more than capable providing solutions to not only personal level but at a spiritual level too.


6... Make Aura Powerful :

positive aura build up

Our aura can protect us from negative energies which harm us. Keeping your aura clean means finding ways to remove negative energies that can cloud our vision and deep innate wisdom. The world is a messy place, there’s plenty of different energies flying about and even for the most  spiritually awakened person, it’s all too easy for your aura to become drained, muddied, or mired with a million outside influences. Finding ways to work in aura cleansing to your self-care package can take you out of a rut and keep you leaping high.By cleansing our energetic body and aura, we begin to feel better and ultimately become more radiant. Having a bright and healthy aura is what attracts amazing people, experiences, and opportunities into our lives. And it also will aid in protecting us from negative energies and emotions filtering into our personal space! Learn vedic ways to repair and strengthen this energy shield  

If our consciousness is strongly positive, our magnetism will be positive also, and will attract good things to us. It will, in addition, create a ‘buffer zone’ around us, protecting us from harm like an umbrella in the rain.Contact for Aura Cleansing 

7... Evil eye repellent:

amulets for evil eye remove

We provide exclusive range of  evil eye repellent,talismans,amulets,charms etc  to ward off unwanted focus by visitors to your  place.It  protects you - keeping an evil eye charm or talisman close will protect from evil spirits and harmful forces, especially the ‘malevolent glare’ said to inflict the unaware or  unsuspecting.It brings good luck - by carrying an evil eye charm or casting out an evil eye symbol its said to magically bestow good luck, health and happiness to its beholder.It possesses good vibes - it  radiates positive energy and possess good karma.  


8.... Meditation to brighten radiance :

Specific form of  Kundalini Yoga meditation  will be adviced that will expand your aura and brighten its radiance, which will attract more prosperity and increase the amount of prana (energy) in your system. Carrying negative energy creates a ripple effect inside the house and meditation helps to thwart the negative energy away. In the same sphere, practicing meditation yoga will help clean out the mind of negative thoughts. This helps in exhaling bad breath and thoughts while inhaling new and positive vibes from within. 

Mediatation using specific Yoga technique gives us the time and space to introspect. This is beneficial in dispelling negative thoughts, which are then replaced  with happy and positive thoughts. Such a technique is adviced for building up strong vibrant auric circle.


9.... Homemade remedies for evil eye :
Coconut attracts positive as well as negative waves. Capacity of coconut to cast off the evil eye is greater when compared with other substances used for the purpose; hence, it is considered superior in its ability to remove the black energy covering beginning from the subtle-body. Any evil eye of superior nature can be cast off using a coconut.Likewise many other specific home made remedies are adviced that can be done on regular basis to remove evil eye influence.


Vedic consultation for evil eyes or nazar issue? Consult a  spiritual advisor to find out what you need to do to get rid of repetitive negative patterns

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