How to control mother-in-law by Mantras & Vedic Remedies - Understand Your Collective Fate

  •  Aug 29, 2021

astrological remedies & chart reading for mother in law problems


How to control mother-in-law by Mantras & Vedic remedies ?


How to deal with mother-in-law who hates you?
How can I bring my inlaws under control?
How can I divert negative energies in collective destiny?
How does one take control of turning around the relationship?


Is the influence of in-laws strong on you ?

Influence is magnetic - Influence is unseen - Influence can either make or break - Influence of those around us is so powerful! Many times we dont even realize when other person controls our  life & surrounding and we become puppet in other person's hand.Associations are one of the most significant factors to our  peaceful or unhappy life  and if you dont understand and know how to stop bad associaton influence or control , it can and likely will eventually hurt you down the road.In collective family also In-laws  closest to you can create problems for you in many ways .Know how to remain protected from their evil mind ,how to control in law's negative energies by spiritual ways & holistic support.

Marriage brings about many tough changes and challenges for a woman. While it is easy to have a peaceful and cordial relationship with a generous and loving MIL, but if unfortunately, you get stuck with a scheming, cunning,manipulative woman, you will have to plan your interaction with her & other family members with a lot of caution and smarts. In fact not just with her but even with people around her, including your husband, especially in matters  concerning her and you.So How to deal with mother-in-law who hates you?How to handle a difficult mother-in-law?Can we control mother-in-law anyhow? ...... We are here to help you identify the signs of a manipulative in-law and fix the gaps for a peaceful co-existence by combination of understanding in- laws birth chart & suggesting strong astro remedies - vedic power - mantra power.


In-laws interference destroying marriage?

...If there are troubles in our horoscope & chart  then this forms the negative Yoga, which results in problems with mother-in-law. When there is wrongful combination in the particular  house then the person will never have a cordial relationship with the mother-in-law.

...When planets are not placed in correct position then there is always discomfort & no harmony among the family members. When there is pitrudosh in such homes and the Mangal of the girl is weak, then also conflict occurs with in-laws.


Astrological Remedies for problems with difficult in-Laws & its control:

Deeply vast vedic astrology has well-chronicled solution & remedies to deal & control mother-in-law problem to make marriages prosper. However, one must  have a secreting and discreet approach towards the same. It takes a well-erudite and insightful astrologer to understand the sensitivity of the issue and solve it.

If you are experiencing problem with your in-laws and other family members or collective family issues or want to know  how to control mother-in-law who hates you then here are some astro remedies - pujas - healing practices that can be practiced.In the birth chart, proper analysis of  inlaws planetary configurations are all looked into carefully before advising in detail:

1.Your  & Your Inlaws Birth Chart Study: 

There is a syntactic analysis of the native’s house in the natal chart carried out for more evidences. Later on, a comprehensive analysis of all the astrological elements is carried on to know what other factors impacting   your birth chart.It is important too see which planets are benefic and malefic planets in there.Apart from this inlaws birth chart is also studied in detail.Its imp to see when your both planetary cycle go different ways.Hatred is on strong point till both of you are in same negative combination path and once this cycle changes, the intensity also goes down. So its important to see when both of yours cycle clashes or collides and than eases out. Hence it is essential to appease certain planets for turning adversities of the planets into virtues. We may also suggest you  specific homam or fire rituals  to help you get out of the troubled times.

2. Navamsa chart study:

Not only the birth, but the navamsa charts of a girl are also analyzed for a broad astrological indication about quality of this relation.The personality of a person is represented by the ascendant lord viz. the lord of the first house. So one must evaluate Navansh Charts. This gives a broad probable indication.From the Birth and Navansh Charts of a girl a broad  astrological indication about quality of this relation & gravity and how can  control be obtained on others

3. Ancestral healing:

Ancestral problem & curse (doshas) is another major reason for domestic troubles, and one must ensure that the ancestors are appeased for domestic turbulences to be stopped in full.Appeasing ancestors through yearly pooja is also a must.

4. Mantra healing for Controlling others:

A mantra is a vehicle through which you can shift your mental and emotional state. It’s an ancient tool that helps you dissipate mental noise and negative thoughts so you can hear your inner wisdom more loudly and clearly,keeps evilinfluences at a bay.By consistently using a powerful mantra we can work out our intuitive muscle and develop a strong aura around us that will be not so easy for anyone to cross over.Mantra healing is the act of intentionally and consciously ‘tuning in’ to the space in and around you helps to create a demarcation point between what has been (the past), and whatever will be (the future). 

5. Home remedies for In-laws :

Offer raw fruits,dry fruits, and yellow gram lentils to in-laws four days before the day of marriage. All these are symbols of good health to the family. Practicing such things before leaving your father's house will help you live a life full of happiness and joy.

6. Gemstones, yantras, japa of specific deities and simple poojas and rituals can be done regularly to ease the relationship problems. 

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