Reverse Bad Karma - Get Rid off Karmic Debt - Clear Your Karmic Root

  •  Jun 30, 2021

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How to settle karmic debt? How to reverse your bad karma?

Karma cleansing sets you back in alignment

Have you ever felt like you have been hit by misfortune?Life going downhill due to some reason?Do you have a difficult person to deal within life?Do u feel like you are in repetitive vicious circle & life is'nt going forward?In such case you are dealing with terrible  bad karma cycle .

  • We Provide Powerful Vedic Spiritual ways to reverse bad karmic roots
  • Mitigate and Resolve Negative Karma through Vedic Healing (internalizing and externalizing)
  • One to one Personalised Guidance for identifying Root Problem


Karma is the law of cause and effect that determines what we experience in life. Every action that we do, positive or negative, has a similar consequence. In this way, our actions are like seeds that ripen in positive or negative circumstances and experiences. karma manifest as fatigue, blocked energy, dramatic relationship conflict, business downfall,job stagnation,health blockages. If anything on that list sounds familiar, than you are also carrying a heavy load karmic debt..Heavy karma can trap us in the same old patterns by attracting toxic people,non progressive jobs,severe illnesses, negative events, clashes &  family non harmony. A much-needed break in the karmic cycle can occur when we analyze our personal karma and take the necessary holistic vedic steps to dissolve it ....... A PURE VEDIC HEALING HELPS REVERSE BAD KARMA 

Why should one clear Negative Karmic Debt ?

....An essential condition for attaining Spiritual Moksha or Liberation is that the Karmic Debt be neutralized. There should not be any karmic debt that you owe to others, or that others owe to you.

....We may think that “good” karma helps us get closer our ultimate mission in life. However, from the perspective of attaining Moksha, both good karma and bad karma continue the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.

....The karma dissolution enables spiritual growth, allowing you to achieve the potential that is within you. Live by Divine Love and focus on your Divine Mission without so much resistance and struggle.

How Do You Accumulate Bad Karma?  

A... Your forefathers: You are born with  karmic impressions passed down from your family, much like your inherited physical DNA.
B... Your birth cyclic chart: The celestial energies present at your time of birth have a lasting impact on your over all life front, affecting your entire life.
C... Your past life actions: When you reincarnate, you bring your past life negative karma also with you.
D... Your current life thoughts and actions: What you do in this lifetime & your interactions with others also influences your karma.


How to Remove Each of the Four Types of Karma? 

With knowing the four main contributors of karma, your main objective now should be the removal of negative karma to achieve a “clean condition.”

A.... Rituals for Clearing Ancestral Passed Karma:

When ancestors from this lifetime pass on to soul form, some souls get stuck.  When this happens, those souls seek out and gravitate toward the souls of their lineage who can help them.  This may happen in the form of feeling their restless thoughts or unfulfilled wishes , wondering where these thoughts are coming from.

Your solution is to make offerings to these souls through performing ancestral cleansing rituals or sponsoring a holy  expert  to perform it for you. Performing these rituals help your ancestor’s soul to attain fulfillment.Contact us with your specific birth info to enquire more 

B.... Birth Chart Study for Astrological Karma Problem:

Your Vedic Astrology chart is made up of the placement of the planets at the time of your birth.  This chart is the karmic planetary blueprint you carry with you through your whole life.

It is useful to be aware of how you are affected by the planets’ placements in your birth chart, and this is why we recommends a Professional Vedic Astrology reading.

Vedic Astrology brings with it remedies – things you can do to offset negative planetary karma – and during your reading, your astrologer can guide you on what you can do. Performing remedies helps you tackle the ill effects of unfavorable planetary positions.For indepth full birth chart consultation & bad karma removal email us.

C..... Past Life Karma Break Homam Set:

The patterns of thought and action you experienced in your past lives – especially those left unfulfilled – follow you into your current life. The negative karmas of previous life will influence in an hostile way.

But luckily, you have a choice. You can go through a lifetime full of past karmic patterns repeated over and over again. Or, you can move on and break free from the constraints of your old karma.

We offer an affordable introductory rituals course centered around breaking free from your past karma and creating the life you desire. It gives you an overall idea about escaping the clutches of the previous birth karmas by vedic holy rituals practice.


D.... Enhance Positivity in Current Life Karma by Vedic Yagya Package:

Any of the actions outlined above will have an effect on your current life karma, which is made up of your ongoing thought patterns and actions. It is very vital to be careful about catching any bad karmas in your current life.

Chanting specific  mantras can help bring in new thoughts and offset negative karmic cycles.

The most stubborn karma can be cleared off by  undergoing specific set of holy yagyas & rituals on specific auspicious days.

vedic healing for karma removal

We provide Exclusive Customised  strong strategies & holy approach to put into practice to become unstuck from your current karma and manifest a new reality: 

1) Vedic Rituals 

Wide variety of hindu rituals & homam help you reverse your old and  torned  out  bad karmic patterns.Hindu religion consider rituals to be much more powerful than meditation when it comes to breaking your old karmic patterns. Indian Rituals are a technology that can bypass the human ego and work directly with the soul, giving more profound and much faster results.Fire rituals acts like a machine that automatically removes old bad karmic patterns from your life on a daily basis, freeing up not only your time, but also lifetimes of karmic ties so you can truly live the life you desire. Purification practices are among the most powerful remedial actions.Regular purification practices help us to maintain our mindstreams free of karmic clutter, and practicing together as a group increases the energy and impact of these practices. Through powerful purification practices, we weed the gardens of our mind, refocus, motivate, and, with compassion for ourselves, spring ahead in the joyous cultivation of virtue. We take responsibility for our actions and empower ourselves for future success. 

Consult us on vedic rituals to get rid of karmic pattern & cleanse it .

2) Meditation technique

Meditation and prayers are the only way one can strengthen the causal body. Silence or the ‘element of ether or space’ is the fuel on which the causal body thrives. The greater the silence within us, the stronger our normal body and  the more chaos within us, the causal body gets depleted. Meditation makes the mind silent. The mind being silent makes the causal body stronger. The causal body being stronger can absorb more cosmic energy and power. The greater  the absorption of cosmic energy means faster one’s karmic backlog and mire gets burnt away....... To enquire as regards Meditation package : Meditation Exercise (Simple Mantra chanting),Meditation Positions (Lotus, Half Lotus, Indian Style and Laying Down Positions),Meditation and Mind – Brain Activity during Meditation,Grounding before and after Meditation pls kindly email us at 

3) Light Offering Prayer

One can recite the combination of prayer when making an individual light offering to divine almighty, or in the context of the Extensive Offering Practice to remove daily karma blockage. After lighting a candle, a butter lamp, or any form of light, the adviced prayer can be recited in conjunction with the visualization which will be send by email.To Consult more about this practice : how to do it the vedic way - what to chant while light offering - what cosmic diagram to focus on ,well to know this package you pls kindly email us 

4) Chanting mantra & devotional phrase 

Chanting mantras is the easiest way of getting started on the road towards opening new horizons for the mind. To start with, it is a very powerful way to purify the negative karmic imprints we all bring into the world with us. Negative imprints linger on in every one’s consciousness, the mind-stream that we carry from one lifetime to the next. We provide you  a  very popular mantra. The mantra will calm your fears, soothe your concerns, heal your broken heart and answer all your prayers. Chant this mantra aloud, as you eat, as you bathe, as you make up your face or when you are waiting for someone or for something. You can chant it anytime anywhere. Chant it aloud or silently, inside your head, inside your mind. Asleep. Awake. Let this mantra permeate your being. Do not worry about the pronunciation. What is important is your motivation.

While reciting the mantra try to concentrate on its sound and allow it to penetrate deep within, into your inner consciousness and eventually, into your subconscious mind. Always chant it with the thought of benefiting others. It will not take you long to sense wonderful benefits permeating through your consciousness. In no time at all, you will feel yourself become kinder, more tolerant, and less prone to getting upset.

We will  initiates a specific mantra combinations for you and you chant the mantras in the right way, everything in life falls into place ..... Contact us for the same.

5.) Thorough Counselling & Evaluaton – this counsellinng session  provides a fantastic platform for getting healed fromnegative blockages cause by bad karma. As a holistic therapist, listening and talking to people is the core of your everyday working environment. Aiming to help and understand individuals, while working towards alleviating their anxieties with compassion, understanding, and guidance are the qualities of  a Professional Counsellor and in this session you will learn how to achieve this goal. We evaluate your in depth birth chart,cosmic cycle study,understand your full problem & exclusive rituals  & chanting package for healing. Contact us now for charges enquire.

6) Know your nearby  toxic people &  get holy protection

Life can become complicated at times when we get  in close circuit with wrong people.Don't let the wrong people complicate it even more! If another person's energy doesn't feel "right" and they constantly inflict stress on you.Get a check on the toxic people  around you & distance yourself from and set boundaries with people who bring you more harm than good.

7) Personalised Karmic Check :

To help you find out how you can identify your karmic patterns and then create your custom plan of action to break out of those patterns and build better patterns so for this I'm starting a new one-to-one offering called the Karma Advisory Session.

In this session, I offer you my  guidance  on how identifying what you are stuck at, what the karmic pattern you've found yourself in and how to break out of it. This is one of the key foundations for cultivating deeper inner-peace and sense of resilience.

The Inner Confidential Chat is a comforting conversation during moments where you feel weak, distraught or simply in need of an uplifting boost. And according to what you need in the moment, I will guide you through a process and a meditation to help you deal with the impact of the Karmic pattern and help you move through it.

It will be an hour-long process and you will receive  a customized plan of action that will help you ground your new realization and create new karmic seeds for greater harmony and resilience in your life.Drop me a line & issues so I can let you know how to proceed further 




Now is the Time to clean & reverse karmic house! Join us for a hindu karmic cleansing holistic technique!

Looking for more ways to adjust your life? Consult a  spiritual advisor to find out what you need to do to get rid of repetitive karmic patterns

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