Business astrology by date of birth - Astrological Combinations for Business - Know Money Cycles

  •  Apr 28, 2021

Business astrology in depth Reading by Date of birth - Astrological Combinations for Business Stages

Understand Your  Astrological cycles,Individual fate analysis and a Fore-Warning System for Financial Growth & Progression

* Why my business is failing?
* Why my projections & plans not working?
* When should I start my new business?
* When should I invest in this company?
* Will my partner betray me?

The financial outlook is the most popular area of focus in a astrology.  After all, financial security is important for peace of mind.  When the business situation becomes uncertain (or threatened through a situation (such as projections & planning failing), it can cause incredible anxiety.While astrology does'nt gurantee instant success, it can aid in finding strategies to move from worry towards proactive decision making.Bringing awareness can bring responsible choices and that can lead towards being more in control of the financial picture, no matter what the situation may be in.You can successfully use business astrology  for your major business decisions and actions, by considering certain cycles. These periods & cycles affect every businessman & are basic to the successful timing of anything important.All these specific cycles are calculated by precise tool of  specific date of birth.

Before moving further , it’s important to make one concept clear...... Planetary movements and positions appear to be synchronous with the energies of the Universe. Therefore we can use the planetary cycles as indicators of the trends and energies here on Earth. The cause of various conditions and energies of business leading to its ups & down : profit & loss has direct corelation with planetary cycles .Business astrology ups & down periods are graphed using your date of birth exact info. 



1. Understand your business cycles & stages

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Different planets and cycles influence you at different ages and stages of life. Some planets and their cycles are ideal for starting something new or striking out in a different direction.Some planets ask for labour & more input of  energy, and promise a long lasting reward for the actions you take today.Other planets still ask you to let go of  what you have built up & start in fresh way .If you don’t know which planets are active in your life right now, you are missing a huge piece of the awareness information.Everyone wants to make the best choices possible, and working with your astrological cycles can help you do just that to prevent profit getting turned into losses.. If you don’t know which planets are in play in your life right now, you could be heading in the wrong direction,a wrong path that can lead to disaster.

a..... If you’re in a resting or retreat cycle, your efforts to launch something new may not create the results you want.Would a risk at this point in your career  set you up for success or failure? 

b..... If you are in a cycle of growth and opportunity, but you’re resting on your laurels of past progress, then you may miss a very abundant cycle. The reverse is  also true. If you’re undergoing a rest and retreat phase, pushing ahead in an important venture may not yield the result you’re after.

We all face points in our business where we need to reflect on what we are moving towards and how we can be fulfilled in our career. The ‘crisis’ you feel may be due to pushing against the flow rather than going with it.

Planetary cycles are so unique that a consultation with an experienced astrologer can highlight "which cycles are triggered & when"  (cycle of take off,cycle of initiation,cycle of growth,cycle of  losses,cycle of downfall,cycle of wise investment,cycle of  consoliation) and  how to make the most of  them.Now you can know all about various astrological combinations for your business success & downfall periods in advance. 


2....Right time to take a decision or drop :

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Proper  understanding when to take action and when to wait is important to avoid setback,failure,losses.  Certain times are designed for regrouping (redefining) and others for action.

When decisions are made, or important actions are taken during “time-out” periods, either nothing happens, or  it fails or the decision must be remade later.  Often this means changing course after spending resources on an erroneous path, or encountering unexpected and difficult consequences.

A better method would be to  make and implement important decisions during productive action cycles. Imagine not wasting time in scenes that will come to nothing anyway !!! Imagine not   spending the resources going down the wrong path! I watched just one company lose millions of dollars by making decisions during the negative cycle.Billions of  dollars of increased productivity got turned up into loss from just following this one particular cycle.

Generally when we look back at these failures, we see that  either we did investment hurriedly, or to complete our project in time to fail!  We took short cuts that didn't work, or refused to reconsider previous decisions, even when we were warned otherwise or our association with some people lead to losses or company collapse. In short, we used the period inappropriately and paid the price.  Sometimes we pay too much - too hefty.

Weigh the pros and cons of each decision. It could be that waiting for a better opportunity down the line is what's best for you in the end. All you need to do  is ask the astrologer which direction you should go in, and where you can best invest your efforts.Get your financial predictions for next coming yrs based on cycles of time. 


3.... Optimizing Business Decisions:

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Have you ever initiated something important—a new business project, a product,  or business set up, knowing it was a great idea, but things just didn’t quite go your way? Did you know there is a way to utilize astrology for electing the perfect date and time to insure success in anything you want to accomplish? ......We just want to
know when to make the move to bring the most “luck” to bear upon the situation.

Timing is everything, and you’ll get the edge on your competition by choosing exactly the right time to sign contracts, launch marketing campaigns, or hold important meetings for optimal results,When is the best time to expand or contract your business ahead of time?  What about the best  time to launch new products or services to maximize your profits? Or what about when not to make or implement major business decisions? You can strategically use business astrology for the timing of meetings, incorporating your business, launching new products and partnering with key individuals.

Just as important—knowing when not to take any of those actions is also imp.Timing should be kept  in mind to create a “Birth Chart” for anything and everything you wish to imbue with better planetary energy to enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.This is imp for business launches, important agreements, signing of contracts, timing of investments,  


4..... Saturn cycle (what it has in store for you):

Saturn holds a special place in shaping business path. It represents the boundary between the known and the unknown.Different stages of Saturn cycle are marked by shifts in business development and maturity and can outline the whole business track.

Saturn & Starting on New Process : Saturn not only helps clarify what needs to end, but it also helps highlight where you are ready to start something new. This cycle can be a lovely time to redefine your policies. If you have been living in a bit of fantasy, this will make your experience at  these year intervals a little more challenging. This happens because Saturn will bring you back down to Earth and pop any fantasy or delusions you may have held on to. If you typically keep at least one foot on the ground, and generally balance your dreams with a dose of reality, you’ll find saturn cycle more manageable. In an ideal world,Saturn cycle may even highlight periods of success or an increase in productivity. 

Saturn & Transformation ; When the energy of Saturn shows up via one of his important quarter cycles, it’s a sign you are ready for adjustment and new focus. Tuning in to the call of Saturn can help you stay focused on your goals and create lasting stability. When Saturn comes knocking, don’t be shy about showing an old structure, goal or situation the door. Doing so will give you back energy and drive to devote time to what really counts. In this way, the turning points of Saturn can become the transformations around which you build happiness. Embrace Saturn and you embrace the call of your future.

New Direction after Saturn cycle : Under the saturn transit new develops, you realise the time is right to make a choice about a situation or partnership that has been limping along, or has been on your mind for a while. Under Saturn, you crave clarity and will search for facts or examples to help you understand a specific situation in black and white. This is not the time for shades of grey; rather, you seek truth and firmness to help you reset your direction and focus.

This is what your Saturn return can offer you: new clarity, new perspective, and a new steely strength as you move into a new cycle of life.

Understand stages of saturn cycle & its combination with other planets to overcome loss of expectation,increase business productivity,go into expansion or divert into other channels.All this can be chalked out using exclusive vedic astrology business reading by date of birth & time of birth info.



5.....Collective destiny:

Individual's business  natal chart helps in behavior assessment and personality diagnostics in recruiting new personnels, organizational development and selecting key leadership brings the right people together for the well-being of the company.

The horoscopes of the key persons become of paramount importance for its smooth running operations and its growth prospects. If these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people or giving them a new role then there will be very good chances of success of a body corporate.

The horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of  persons for specified jobs. The Horoscope analysis of  the new entrant for the management team gives an insight which is so significant that it can not be overlooked. None of the present management or scientific tools for recruiting personnel can substitute for the horoscope analysis. Not only the horoscope tells the basic capabilities but it also tells whether the person  in question could be able to use his or her capabilities for the benefit of the project to fulliest level or not. 

Wanna Check suitability of Senior managers,Corporate employee scan?How to Choose Personnel for Top Jobs,Partnership analysis,Which employee will be more productive in Which branch of the Company (Directional suitability)?...... If these are your concerns involving role of other person pls  contact us with their respective birth details  to advice you in detail & in depth business  chart & astrology reading  



  • Understand the Astrological cosmic forces that can derail your plan.
  • As per your existing planetary cycle get  all divine connection and holy spiritual support 
  • You can get the answers to : What causes a business to fail? What makes someone succeed astronomically? What makes the true difference? .
  • Understading your position in business cycle helps you stay ahead of time & curve & anticipate challenges that are on your way 
  • Vedic Remedies depending on what phase you are in or about to transition to.


We, at , offer a very important and comprehensive corporate horoscope & chart services which is very useful for corporate sectors. Contact us with full confidence along with your birth details so that you can explore our services  for your business growth and for  financial stability many times over.